Returns Policy & Shipping Info

As an FDA-registered facility, we cannot restock or resell products that have been returned to us. All products returned to Ziziner must be discarded per FDA guidelines, creating waste for the landfill. Therefore, it is extremely important that you take the following steps to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your order before it leaves Ziziner & Labs.


While we do offer refunds and replacements on products that are damaged during shipping or that are failing (for instance, an emulsion that has separated) we do not offer refunds or accept returns for variations in viscosity, scent, color—these will all vary from batch to batch. Natural ingredients are not identical and can cause variations in the final products, just as one orange is different from another, Because We use the freshest natural ingredients possible to create the products we sell, we do not buy huge lots of ingredients at any given time. This means that our ingredients and products are inherently mutable as they are subject to changes in nature. For example, did you know that grapeseed oil may fluctuate in color depending on the growing conditions, varietal, harvest time, etc.?

Before placing an order:

We offer sample sizes for many of our products and ingredients. We recommend purchasing a sample size of the product or ingredient you’re interested in before purchasing a Jar or Bottle size.

  • Double-check your shopping cart to make sure it includes the correct products you intended to purchase.