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Incense Burner Kit
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Incense Burner Kit
Incense Burner Kit
Incense Burner Kit
Incense Burner Kit


Incense Burner Kit

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High-quality materials: The incense burner is made of ceramic material, which has durability, long service life, and good performance.
Two Usages: The backflow incense burner can be used with incense cones or sticks.
Easy to Clean: The waterfall incense holders are all handcrafted. It’s easy to clean after use. Flush the incense burner body with boiling water, and the stain on the censer will be removed.
Mysterious Atmosphere: The Ceramic incense holders are all hand-crafted. Ignite with backflow cones, the smoke steams like a waterfall, and the cone incense burner surrounded by smoke looks lovely and mysterious.
Wide Use: Using the waterfall Incense Burner with the wormwood incense cone, helps to purify the air, meditate and relax, relieve stress, and improve sleep quality. they are widely used in the living room, bedroom, study, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel, etc.



 The fragrance creates a mood of tranquility and peace of mind! Many use Lavender to fragrance the home and in incense form, it is perfect for creating a warm and relaxing environment. Used to relieve anxiety and mental tension, this scent is perfect for lifting your emotional wellbeing and creating a harmonious balance in your inner psyche.  

Dragon's Blood:

This Powdered Incense version of Dragon's Blood will create a protective space so that you can energize and give a boost to all of your workings. The wonderful, sweet smell is just right for meditation, intention setting, and manifesting. Burn a small portion of this lightly scented powdered incense to energize and magnify your magical works. Self-lighting and easy to use, simply place a small portion of this powder into a burn-safe bowl or cauldron and carefully apply flame to it with a match or lighter. 

Sandalwood :

Premium Quality Among its numerous properties Sandalwood is recommended for Materializing our prayers, intentions, and wishes. Awakening spiritual awareness. Cultivating mental alertness and mindful meditation. Restful sleep. Cooling excessive heat in all of its manifestations. Promoting compassion and empathy.


The History of Incense Burners

why people have used incense burners for centuries?

The ancient practice of burning incense has been around since the beginning of recorded history. It was initially used to purify temples and homes and later became associated with religious ceremonies. Today, many people use incense burners in their homes to create an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and meditation.

Ancient Egypt
In ancient Egypt, incense burners were often made of gold and silver. They were also decorated with precious stones and other materials. These burners were used by priests to purify temples and houses.

Ancient Greece
The Greeks believed that burning incense was an effective method of purification. This belief led them to use incense burners as part of religious ceremonies.

Medieval Europe
In medieval times, incense burners were often used during religious rituals. They were also used by women to keep themselves clean while cooking.

Modern America
Today, incense burners are still used in religious ceremonies and as an alternative to air fresheners. However, they are now more commonly used for relaxation purposes.

Contemporary Asia
In contemporary Asia, incense burners have been used for hundreds of years. They were first introduced by Chinese immigrants who brought them with them when they immigrated to Japan. These early Japanese incense burners were made of clay and wood.

Perfect Gift Set

Incense Burned brings the perfect blend of relaxation to your home. Our gift set includes high-quality incense cones and a handmade Bronze holder. The smoke creates an intoxicating aroma, filling your space with relaxation and de-stressing aromas. With this gift set, you can lighten up any mood instantly!
- Premium scent incense cones made with all-natural fragrances
- Handmade ceramic burner
- Includes 3 different scented incense sticks
- Relaxing and tranquil atmosphere in your home or office
- Long-lasting scent will fill your space for hours on end
- A beautiful piece for any home decor

Usually Ships in 2-3 Business Days

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